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Watershed Listen Here David Arn

The Website is still under construction so please hold on. "Watershed" will be released 09-13-22. I'm excited for you to hear it--Eight long distant collaborations with Toby Wilson, Nicky V Hines and Tyra Juliette.

We’re Not Broken–The Lover’s Tale

Morning light at the end of the street I’m wearing my funeral coat Fingers too numb to send a tweet Words stuck in my throat They say we’ll be judged for behavior ’Til then payback’s in a corner chair Posing questions to a savior Who seems no longer there

We’re not broken only shattered oooh—oooh, only shattered.

At the end of the day David Arn is a musical mastermind and powerful musical force any way you look at him
Indie Music Digest
The gorgeous exploration of a day in the life David Arn finds the poetry of the everyday in “Mother’s Day – The Mother’s Tale (feat. Ava Hart)”. Fragile with its delicate melody, the way the beauty is brought out happens with the utmost of care.
Arn, as solid as a songwriter as they come, has created a sonic masterpiece in Traveler Tales.

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