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At the end of the day David Arn is a musical mastermind and powerful musical force any way you look at him
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The gorgeous exploration of a day in the life David Arn finds the poetry of the everyday in “Mother’s Day – The Mother’s Tale (feat. Ava Hart)”. Fragile with its delicate melody, the way the beauty is brought out happens with the utmost of care.
Arn, as solid as a songwriter as they come, has created a sonic masterpiece in Traveler Tales.
The poetic quality of the lyrics shows the influence of masters of the song writing craft like Leonard Cohen.
Alex Faulkner
The Faulkner Review
Over the past few years, David Arn has honed his direction as a solo artist, utilising where necessary additional players. Sometimes it is just useful to slow down the pace and David does this. But slower and quieter doesn’t mean life is any easier. David Arn challenges the listener with a complex lyrical concept… The muted musical setting adds power to he clearly delivered lyrical content, which is where he wishes the fulcrum to lay… The carefully crafted lyric is set inside a well composed frame-work… The selection of accompanying sounds enhance the already intricate nature of the material which we can, like listening to Leonard Cohen, enjoy for the music or quiz the brain as it reflects on the conundrums of life in the second decade of the 21st century.
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The title track, “Walking to Dreamland”, is by far, one of the coolest tracks on the album. From tasty blues and jazz guitar to groovy, cool beats and tones to David’s complex song-writing and soft but confident vocals, this track showcases many of the best elements of the album. The steady snare and bass beats throughout keep the mind moving and though simple in rhythm, they create a combination that is perfectly reminiscent of a chill stroll anywhere. The guitar in this song is deceptively simple in the beginning where it supports the vocal line but has stellar solo moments tastefully dropped throughout. David tops it all off with his cool and laid back vocals, and you can’t help but be hooked!
Kimberly Weiss
Music Connection-Dayton
David Arn’s music is a little difficult to categorize, and pleasantly so. Vocally, Arn sounds a bit raspy and gravelly, much like Peter Gabriel in the last few years, or an older Jakob Dylan. Sonically, Arn’s music has some mixed influences; there’s definitely some singer-songwriter and country inspiration being drawn on, but also some very stark, minimalist sounds as well. And then, trying to look at the album from a lyrical perspective is an adventure in itself.Postmodern Days serves as a name for the album, and a descriptor for the content there in. Arn’s love of literature has translated into a style of writing deep lyrics that combine poetic elements with storytelling prose.
Heath Andrews
Much of his music is deep, dealing with loneliness and despair and the human condition. It will make people think, feel and react. David Arn is a master wordsmith and a talented musician who has the capacity to write stories into songs and perform them with a skill that is enviable. His compositions should be considered music, but they are also works of literary art, and this is why it is so beautiful to behold.
Rhonda Readence
What shines through in every song on Postmodern Days is astute observation, unfiltered honesty, and a clear commitment to artistic vision.
Heather Miller-Rodriguez
Lyrical Venus, KRUU-FM 100.1 FM

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