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At the end of the day David Arn is a musical mastermind and powerful musical force any way you look at him
Indie Music Digest
David’s songwriting exists in a vast stream of consciousness and at times can be beautifully simple, and at others disconcerting and haunting.
Sergeant Sparow
A lot of the album is pure toe-tapping genius, complete with lyrical complexity that anyone can appreciate. In true Brian Wilson style, David Arn incorporates the main theme of the album throughout his songs
Adam Jones-The Music Farmer
Walking to Dreamland is "an unique concoction of musical bliss
Kimberly Weiss-Music Connection--Dayton
There is the feeling that something deeper is happening, something other and beyond, as if David Arn has truly connected with something beyond himself and managed to channel that inspiration into what is presented to us in audible form
Chris Marsh--CrossRadar
a classy and sophisticated album, beautifully crafted, both lyrically and musically
The Faulkner Review
Arn is deadly consistent with the intelligence of his lyrics
Heath Andrews
What shines through in every song is astute observation, unfiltered honesty, and a clear commitment to artistic vision.
Heather Miller-Rodriguez, Lyrical Venus, KRUU-FM 100.1 FM

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