Click Here to Watch “Something More Between Us (Remix)”

The latest music video is literally “out of this world”.

The video, produced by Shaun Ryan Savard at Playmaker Studios, features an astronaut viewing the different performers on various screens from a space station. He toggles back and forth between screens to show international musicians. Award-winning Russian composer and violinist, Maria Grigoryeva, performs from a bridge in St.Petersburg,Russia; multi-skilled instrumentalist Toby Wilson plays guitar on his farm in the UK Midlands; from a park bench in Mexico City, Mexico, Luis Guillermo adds subtle bass fills. In the end, film producer, Savard, is revealed as the astronaut from Montreal, Canada.

The song has the re-current line “Let’s start looking for something more between us”. It is a timely and implied plea for international cooperation gently undercut by Arn’s characteristic irony: Everyone in the video wears sunglasses.

“Something More Between Us (Remix)”, was mastered for iTunes at London’s famed Abbey Road Studio. It is available on iTunes and Amazon Mp3.

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