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Someday the Record Might Show .

We sometimes don’t know where David’s music is going but the meaning behind his recent video release seems to contrast images women confront in advertising with their everyday life.

The track is from his upcoming third solo album, Recalculating,Recalculating.

The song, “Someday the Record Might Show”, was filmed in Montreal by acclaimed cinematographer, Shaun Ryan Savard, of Playmaker Studios. It features Callayna and Jessie Doucet who is dealing with  challenges when confronted by hyper inflated images of super models (like Callayna). 

The rock and roll track was mastered at Abbey Road Studio by Alex Wharton (McCartney, Beastie Boys, Radiohead,Pixies) and will be available  on David’s album later this year.

About Jessica Doucet

Jessica is an independent actress who works currently in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.She is an accomplished stunt and body double performer, having been a body double for Jennifer Lawrence in Mother. When Jessica isn’t acting she is still onset as a crew member and most often as a production assistant.

About Callayna

Callayna is an independent Canadian actress with a distinguished resume—TV and film, Magazine and Makeup Model.  She is currently working on her Masters at McGill University. This is her third appearance in one of David’s videos.

About Shaun Ryan Savard

Canadian cinematographer, editor and writer, Shaun is a master of the meticulous visual effect. You may have seen his work on  The Sea: How I Met Your Brother (2015), Trapped (2017) and 637 (2018).

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